Electrical System Upgrades

Make your building's electrical systems reliable, safe and energy efficient

Few older buildings were designed with the electrical systems required to provide the quality power needed by today's highly sensitive electronic equipment. By partnering with Prism over the medium to long term, your organization can take advantage of our diagnostic and remediation services. These will allow you to take gradual and cost-effective steps to ensure your building's electrical systems are reliable, safe and energy efficient. We can also help you make certain that your building receives a high level of power quality, thereby reducing penalties imposed by the utility, as well as the risk of equipment interference or failure.

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Case Studies 

Canada Post Corporation

Canada Post Corporation

Fulfilling an ongoing role as electrical engineering consultant and advising Canada Post Corporation how to best meet the electrical needs of its historic Vancouver Mail Processing Plant
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Articles & Technologies 

Electrical Distribution System Optimization

Decreasing the supplied voltage to the actual level required by the equipment in a building reduces electrical demand and energy use, resulting in savings on the electric utility bill.