Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change Adaptation

A rapidly changing climate presents new challenges and potential risks for our built environment. Organizations must now consider impacts from a changing climate including more extreme temperatures, floods, droughts, and wild fires in their strategic planning.

In addition to the development of plans and policies that address potential impacts from various climate scenarios, adaptation involves review and modification of building systems to address vulnerability to climate change by improving infrastructure resilience.

Prism can help you take action towards climate adaptation in the following ways:

  • Identify critical facilities and systems
  • Conduct a climate vulnerability risk assessment
  • Recommend, design and implement system upgrades to improve climate resiliency
  • Engage with stakeholders on climate adaptation policies and plans
  • Educate and engage staff on the potential impacts of a changing climate
  • Assist with available funding applications to support adaptation initiatives 

Contact us to learn more about our climate adaptation services and how we can help support your organization's climate adaptation planning.

Download the poster Prism Engineering presented at Fraser Basin Council's Adaptation Canada 2020 conference.