Energy Savings Fact Sheets

At Prism Engineering, we know that you are concerned with energy efficiency and want to keep informed of the latest energy management trends, innovation and technology. These Technical Fact Sheets were developed by Prism Engineering and include information and tips on lighting, HVAC, renewable energy and building controls:

Fact Sheets    
Solar Water Heating LiveSmartBC Download
Demand Controlled Ventilation for Kitchens LiveSmartBC Download
Strategies for DDC Optimization LiveSmartBC Download
Coil Cleaning to Save Energy LiveSmartBC Download
Boiler Plant Upgrades LiveSmartBC Download
Use of Automatic Vent Dampers for New and Existing Boilers and Furnaces NRCan Download
Use of Variable Frequency Drives for Fan and Pump Control NRCan Download
Choosing a High Efficiency Chiller System NRCan Download
Reducing Water Use by Installing a Closed-Loop Compressor Cooling System NRCan Download
DDC Control Strategies for Energy Efficiency NRCan Download
Lighting Options for Gymnasiums NRCan Download
Installing High-Efficiency Boilers for Heating Plants NRCan Download
Heat Recovery from Kitchen Refrigeration NRCan Download
Lighting Control NRCan Download
Heat Recovery with Boiler Stack Economizers NRCan Download
Fluorescent Lamp and Ballast Options NRCan Download
Premium Efficiency Motors NRCan Download
Economizers for Air Conditioning Units NRCan Download
Monitoring, Targeting & Reporting in Industry NRCan Download
Monitoring, Targeting & Reporting in Buildings NRCan Download