Our Leadership Team

Prism Engineering's staff provide clients with reliable service, uncompromising standards, and meticulous attention to project details. Our success is based on the technical excellence and commitment of our team - every member is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and building strong client relationships.

With a focus on providing a positive working environment, we support our employees’ efforts to develop both personally and professionally. For more information about our team, see the brief biographies of some of our senior members below. For information on joining our team, see our Employment section.


P. Eng., MBA -- Principal and President

Robert Greenwald has a passion for energy management. His unbridled enthusiasm for helping organizations save energy and reduce their environmental impact has served Robert and the firm's clients well since he joined Prism Engineering as a recent graduate of the University of Waterloo in 1991. Four years later he became a principal of the firm and has served as its President since 2005.

"One of the most personally satisfying aspects of working in the energy management sector is looking back on a project and seeing the quantifiable impact we have had on our client's profitability and on the environment. I also love to hear from participants in the workshops we deliver, who share their newfound excitement about improving energy efficiency in their own organizations. In those moments, it becomes very clear that we do make a difference; that we are part of the solution."

-- Robert Greenwald

Over the course of his first two decades in the industry, Robert has conducted hundreds of energy audits, assessed countless energy management opportunities, developed dozens of high-level Energy Management Plans, and facilitated the design, specification and implementation of scores of building retrofits. As well, Robert helped generate Prism's Utility Monitoring and Analysis (PUMA) database to allow businesses and government agencies to better track and tame utility costs. He has also taken on the key role of Energy Coach for several clients to support and sustain their organizational energy management programs.

Robert's excitement for this industry is perhaps most apparent when he is developing and delivering energy management training. Since 2000, he has produced and presented over 200 (and counting) energy management workshops to a variety of commercial and industrial sectors. Robert is proud to have conducted training on behalf of leading organizations and utilities including BC Hydro, BCIT, the Building Owners and Managers Association of BC (BOMA BC), Manitoba Hydro, and NRCan's Office of Energy Efficiency. In 2010, he helped launch BOMA's e-Energy training for Building Operations, an on-line training course which raises energy management awareness among building operations personnel across the country.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from the University of British Columbia. He is also the recipient of numerous awards for his work from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (APEGBC), The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and BC Hydro.

In his downtime from "Saving You Energy", Robert spends time with his wife and two daughters, carefully monitors the Canucks' and Habs' hockey seasons, and trains for triathlon and cycling events.

For more information about Robert, please visit his LinkedIn profile.

You can contact Robert directly via e-mail.


P.Eng -- Founder

"Embarking on an energy management program is a lot like going on a diet or exercise program -- commitment to change is required for sustained results and it is human nature to resist change. In order to be successful, energy management must fully engage people in the process. In some ways, getting individuals to understand and embrace the changes being proposed is even more critical to the project than the specific technology or equipment being used. I believe that one of the reasons many of Prism's earliest clients are still with us today including Bentall, Vancity, Austeville Properties, and Air Canada, is because we focus on guiding and helping people through the process, and it provides real value to their organizations."

-- Brian O'Donnell

In 1973, Brian witnessed the crippling effect of the OPEC oil embargo on the Canadian and US economies. It was then he decided to pursue work to help North America strive towards energy independence. Rather than pursuing a career in renewable energy, he determined that he would have the greatest and most immediate impact by focusing on energy efficiency in existing buildings. After completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering at UNB in 1979, Brian travelled to Vancouver and joined BC Hydro's Energy Conservation Division, now known as Power Smart.

In 1981, Brian moved to Toronto where he worked as a project engineer for nine years honing his energy management skills. During that time, he developed an expertise in conducting energy audits, analyzing utility data, monitoring and verification, training building operators and designing and implementing retrofit projects. Keeping his eye on the momentum that BC Hydro was generating out West, Brian saw an opportunity to apply his skill set in providing guidance to the rapidly growing number of early adapters of energy management in BC. To that end, Brian moved back to the West Coast in 1990 and founded Prism Engineering.

Over the last two decades, while energy management has waxed and waned in popularity, Brian has maintained an unwavering focus on improving building energy efficiency and comfort while reducing operational costs. Brian now leads a team of mechanical engineers and designers in finding innovative ways of upgrading building mechanical systems to provide improved reliability and long term performance. His "whole building approach" and talent for the preparation and implementation of master plans for mechanical and electrical system upgrades have proven invaluable to many clients including Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Vancity Savings Credit Union, and Public Works and Government Services Canada.

He is a past president of the local chapters of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and the Association of Energy Engineers, and has received numerous ASHRAE and BC Hydro awards.

In his downtime, Brian enjoys spending time with his family and recharging at his weekend getaway. He is also an avid outdoorsman who keeps fit with skiing, hiking, biking, and kayaking.

You can contact Brian directly via e-mail.


Casey H. GaetzCASEY H. GAETZ,
LC -- Principal and Electrical Team Leader

"Clients about to invest in energy efficient technology will ask me: "How should I spend my money?" I take a lot of pride in striving to get them the biggest bang for their buck. I enjoy looking at new technologies and digging into the details: Will this lighting or electrical equipment really do the job in this particular application? Is it cost-effective? If currently available products don't fit the bill, we will approach the manufacturers directly: "Our client needs a product that you don't manufacture yet. Can you make it for us?" We have the relationships and expertise to make it happen."

-- Casey H. Gaetz

Casey heads up Prism's electrical division and has been with the firm since 1993. He offers Prism's clients over 30 years of experience in the design and energy management of electrical systems in large commercial, institutional and recreational facilities. His expertise extends to virtually all aspects of electrical systems, including lighting, electrical distribution, electrical control systems, metering, fire protection, and voice and data cabling systems.

Casey's background in the electrical industry (he spent several years working as the Canadian sales manager for an international lighting systems manufacturer) and strong customer focus allow him to fully understand his clients' product requirements. He prides himself on his no-nonsense approach in looking at new technologies and on being innovative and cost effective in the design aspects of his work.

Casey oversees the bulk of the firm's renovations work for clients such as BMO, Vancity and Aeroplan and works seamlessly with architects and interior designers on such projects. He has also developed and implemented long term electrical upgrades for clients including the Vancouver Mail Processing Plant (VMPP) with a focus on providing efficient, safe, and reliable electrical solutions.

He has met all the requirements of the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP) to obtain the Lighting Certified Practitioner (LC) designation. He has also been the recipient of numerous BC Hydro and Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) awards for his work in electrical and lighting design and retrofits.

Casey is the proud father of four daughters and a son and, when not leading shopping expeditions to the local outlet mall, likes to get out to the lake to do some camping.

You can contact Casey directly via e-mail.


P.Eng.-- Principal and Energy Team Leader

Iram, Prism’s Energy Team Leader, is involved in all aspects of mechanical systems performance analysis and enhancements. Iram has over ten years of experience in managing energy efficiency retrofit projects. He provides conceptual and detailed mechanical design and carries out installation reviews.

Iram has provided feasibility studies for biomass boiler installations, and provided design and project management for the biomass boiler installation in Lake Cowichan. Iram is an approved NRCan lead trainer for RCx, Dollar to Sense workshops and Certified RETScreen Expert User courses.

You can contact Iram directly via e-mail.


P.Eng., M.A.Sc. -- Principal and Mechanical Team Leader

"The most rewarding aspect of the work that we do at Prism is the challenge of determining the optimal means of improving the efficiency, operations, and occupant comfort in existing buildings using cost effective and innovative solutions. It’s not always as simple as a replacement or upgrade; sometimes it’s about assessing the entire building system and trying to answer the question: How can this system function better as a whole? The vast expertise of the team at Prism is critical to the success of identifying opportunities and implementing solutions."

-- Stephen Kooiman

Stephen heads up the Mechanical Team at Prism Engineering. He uses his practical and educational background in HVAC engineering and thermal-fluid dynamics to find solutions to upgrade and optimize mechanical systems in existing buildings. Since 2012, Stephen has been instrumental on the Prism Mechanical Team, performing detailed energy evaluations and design work, as well as implementing recommendations for clients in Healthcare, Advanced Education, Commercial and Industrial sectors.

Stephen began his career in renewable wind energy, but was drawn to the impact potential in existing buildings through system efficiency upgrades and optimization. He is experienced in designing HVAC, plumbing and fire suppression systems; chiller, boiler, and steam plants; building automation systems, and conducting detailed energy studies. His creativity and problem solving skills help provide clients with long-term workable energy efficient solutions.

At Prism, Stephen manages a variety of projects related to renovations and mechanical system upgrades. His work with clients typically begins with a feasibility study and commonly continues through into a detailed design, construction management and completion of a one year review. His extensive technical expertise and knowledge make Stephen an invaluable resource for both clients and Prism’s Mechanical Team.

Stephen has a Masters of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University, is a previous ASHRAE BC Chapter President, and an active member of ASPE and CHES. Stephen enjoys cooking and cycling and, together with his wife, Rachel, have the pleasure of raising their four young children.

You can contact Stephen directly via e-mail.


M.Urb. -- Principal and Sustainability Team Leader

"It’s incredibly rewarding and inspiring to watch people grow in their roles and take ownership of creating change within their organization. I’m proud to support Prism’s clients in tackling those big picture questions around sustainability and behavior change. It’s a complex process to make an impact on an organizational level, but it starts with the people. It’s not just about changing what we do; it’s about changing how we do what we do."

-- Sarah Smith

As Sustainability Team Leader at Prism Engineering, Sarah works with organizations in the commercial, government and industrial sector to design and implement sustainability strategies and programs that engage staff and leadership and lead to better sustainability outcomes. Since 2010, Sarah has expanded Prism’s Sustainability Services portfolio from its roots in a single sector to include over 90 clients from a variety of sectors across Canada.

Sarah’s background in faciliation, coaching, behaviour and organizational change theory and social science research helps her to provide the space and support for clients to “turn the dial” on sustainability action within their own organization. In her work with clients and as a Prism Team Leader, Sarah works to build capacity at the individual and organizational level. Her focus is on developing strong relationships, collaboration, and helping people see themselves as leaders.

Sarah holds a M.A. in Urban Studies from Simon Fraser University and a B.A. in Music and Environmental Studies from the University of British Columbia. Sarah has worked in BC’s Film Industry and has co-owned a homemade preserves business. On the weekends, you can find her with her partner exploring the waters of the Pacific Northwest on her 38 foot sailboat.

You can contact Sarah directly via e-mail.


BSc., CEM, CPEnMS -- Principal and Kootenay Branch Manager

As Prism Engineering’s Kootenay Branch Manager, Sam is the point of contact for many of our clients residing outside of the Lower Mainland of BC. From Prism’s office in Nelson, BC, Sam works with a diverse group of clients supporting all aspects of energy management and engineering. Sam has been instrumental in Prism’s growth into the Southern Interior, where we proudly serve clients from the commercial, industrial, municipal, and institutional sectors.

Originally from Nelson, New Zealand, Sam earned a BSc. and a Postgraduate Diploma from the University of Otago in Energy Management. In New Zealand, Sam worked with an energy and utility consultant firm where he helped businesses to identify energy saving opportunities and implement efficiency projects. In 2009, Sam followed his passion for energy management (and backcountry skiing) to Canada, where he started work at Prism’s Vancouver office in 2009 before moving to Nelson in 2013.

Since joining Prism, Sam has worked in nearly all areas of energy management and engineering including energy auditing, mechanical and electrical concept design, project management, field review, building controls optimization, measurement and verification (M&V), and training. Sam believes that a holistic approach to energy management and engineering creates the most meaningful and lasting change in organizations. This includes looking beyond the technical solution, and ensuring that people and the organizational culture are considered in each and every project.

Sam has worked extensively in training organizations on energy management. Sam is Prism’s resident expert on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard 50001, which provides a framework for organizations to develop energy management systems and integrate these systems into their overall effort to improve quality and environmental management. As a Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems (CPEnMS Industrial), who is accredited to help implement ISO 50001, he has worked with a number of Prism clients towards achieving this internationally recognized standard.

Sam lives in Nelson, BC with his wife and two young kids. He enjoys mountain biking, skiing, spending time with his family, and testing out the new culinary hotspots in town.

You can contact Sam directly via e-mail.


P.Eng., LEED AP -- Associate, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Hamid’s interest in designing systems started at a young age, growing up in Iran, “My father was an electrical technician and I used to go work with him,” says Hamid, “then later at high school, I was pretty good at math and physics and that moved me down a path towards engineering.”

“Really it was just an interest in making and creating things—in the end, that’s what it’s all about,” he says.

Hamid’s 25 years in the industry have encompassed a broad range of projects; he brings a wealth of accumulated experience and expertise to all projects and is adept at negotiating the complexities and operational parameters of working within commercial, educational, institutional, and residential developments. His experience includes sustainable design, energy compliance analyzing and energy modeling, project management, HVAC system design, plumbing and fire protection systems design, specification writing, and construction reviews. As a LEED Accredited Professional, he is dedicated to implementing sustainability in his work.

“Hamid has a breadth of experience in the technologies and industries where we do the most work,” says Mechanical Team Lead Stephen Kooiman, “he is a key technical resource in supporting our team with detailed engineering designs.”

Hamid has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and is an active member of ASHRAE and CHES. He was recently awarded the Fellow Engineer of Canada title.

Hamid says what drew him to Prism was the focus on energy saving, “Being in this industry you get to know how much building systems, especially mechanical systems, consume in electricity and fossil fuels. If we can design a system that uses less energy, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be doing so.” He adds, "I’d like to keep this earth for the future!” 

Outside of work, Hamid enjoys gatherings with friends and family—his wife Maryam, daughter Sara and son Parsa. He also enjoys carpentry and home projects, having recently finished putting in an irrigation system in his backyard.

It’s clear his curiosity is still fueling his work and he emphasizes that as an engineer you have to be continually developing your knowledge, “From new technologies to new codes and standards, we need to understand how to use them in our designs.”

You can contact Hamid directly via e-mail.