Low Carbon Electrification

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Clean Electricity 

Low carbon electrification (LCE) is the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions using clean electricity instead of other forms of energy such as natural gas, diesel, propane, and gasoline.

Prism is dedicated to helping you address climate change through reducing GHG emissions from the built environment. With 30 years of industry experience, Prism has a proven track record of solving complex system integration issues with our in-house team of electrical, mechanical, and energy engineers.

LCE Services

Our holistic approach considers all building systems and loads within a facility, ensuring the highest level of GHG emission reduction is achieved.

Our services include:

  1. Study - Evaluation of energy use and emissions and technical recommendations which consist of concept designs that reduce GHGs emissions by switching to a lower carbon energy source.
  2. Quantify – Engineering calculations and modelling of projected energy savings, emission reductions and project costs.
  3. Feasibility – Review of existing building systems including electrical capacity for suitability of proposed measures.
  4. Business Case – Presentation of energy cost and GHG emission savings, incentive funding, returns on investment, and non-energy benefits for LCE measures.
  5. Implementation – Detailed mechanical and electrical design and engineering support for the implementation of LCE measures.
  6. Monitoring & Verification – post-retrofit utility and meter data analysis to ensure anticipated savings are achieved, and to allow for project success to be shared.

Designed by Prism Engineering, pipes of Vancouver's Kitsilano Community Center and arena transfer heat from the ice plant to the building’s HVAC and domestic hot water systems and cut facility greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by more than 80%.


Climate Leadership

The Government of British Columbia’s CleanBC plan is aimed at reducing climate pollution, while creating more jobs and economic opportunities for people, businesses and communities. LCE is already playing an important role in this plan.

Financial Savings

LCE can result in significant operations and maintenance savings. Incentives and subsidies may also be available to support capital investment. 

View our LCE Services brochure with case studies here.