LEED Certification achieved for over 25 new Starbucks Stores in Western Canada

Over the last three years, Prism has played a crucial role in helping Starbucks achieve their LEED certification in over 25 new locations in Western Canada.  Our electrical and mechanical designs enabled the buildings to meet LEED requirements and input throughout the design and construction stages helped to expedite the certification process.

For each of the buildings, Prism was given a design and LEED certification scorecard. The goals outlined by LEED and Starbucks centred primarily on electrical and water efficiency but each site featured unique goals and challenges. Our experience with LEED certification allowed us to optimize designs to meet building specific goals.

We provided Starbucks with a list of appropriate products and measures ​​which would be deployed to achieve the set out conservation targets, including:

  • Low flow plumbing fixtures
  • High efficiency lighting, and 
  • Optimized building controls

The Results

Prism’s support in the design process helped achieve a variety of LEED requirements, including a 40% reduction in water usage, 30% reduction in electrical usage and a 30% increase in outdoor air ventilation to improve indoor air quality for occupant comfort, well-being and productivity. These designs have helped Starbucks Coffee meet their commitment to conserve energy and water and reduce their environmental impact.